Latest anti aging news will blow your mind


Aging is a natural process. Every living being, from bacterias to humans, ages. Signs of aging can show on various ways and on all organs, but the most visible are those on our appearance, mostly hair, face, neck and hands. It is a fact that we can hide aging signs of hair by coloring it, but when it comes to the skin, especially the face, it is much harder to accomplish. That is why the cosmetic industry invests huge amounts of money into the anti aging program.

In the years that passed we witnessed many new products, many new ingredients and many new procedures that were promised to be a new breakthrough in an anti aging fight. Some of them were showing a good result, some of them not so good, but what never changes is the fact that new products and procedures come to the market almost daily, and sometimes it is hard to manage. So, let see what is new in the anti aging products industry.
The news of the month when it comes to the anti aging combines DNA sequencing technology and cosmetics. Professor Chris Toumazou from London is a known person in scientific circles. He invented a cochlear ear implant, artificial pancreas for diabetics and a wireless heart monitor. Now he moved to the skin care and invented a microchip device that can sequence everybody´s genome in only 30 minutes, and for a small amount of money. It is called Geneu. But, what does this have to do with skin?

Apparently, this way scientists can determine the speed of collagen degrading in a person´s body, as well as the level of antioxidants, ingredients that protect us from harmful free radicals. Based on this information, beautician can make a cream that fits perfectly to an owner´s skin. It looks like most people degrade collagen on some average speed. People that have wrinkle skin in their 60s or 70s with no help of a surgery or Botox probably degrade collagen very slowly. On the contrary, some people look much older than their real age, and one of the possible reasons may be that they degrade collagen much faster (


The problem with this is that all creams are made with the same levels of collagen. It is a double edged sword: it may fit you just perfectly. On the other hand, there may be too much collagen for you, and that will harm your skin. And if you are one of those persons that need more collagen that it has, it won´t have any impact. In this moment you can check only two elements, but experts are working on adding more skin health factors, such as SPF and others. That way there will be a possibility to create even more personalized creme for every customer.
Besides collagen and antioxidants, Geneu contains ingredients like Vitamin A and C, tripeptides, amino acids, mulberry root extract, red baron grass and others.

There are just two problems when it comes to Geneu. First of all, there is still not much places where you can get it, and since you have to be present for the test, make things almost impossible for most people. The second problem is the price. your one month supply and testing will cost you 600 pounds sterling, which is almost 1000 American dollars. So, if you can afford it, go for it. If not, wait until it gets cheaper.

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